Once a year we get away down the coast with our community members to hang out together, and more importantly, to make them have really awkward conversations at work on Monday when people ask what they did on the weekend and they really don't want to say church camp because it clearly sounds way lamer than "went to that awesome festival where you do that thing and don't have to wear pants" or "saw that band that everyone else saw".

Everything will be back to normal (as people like us are able) next Sunday on the 29th at 10:15... or whenever you get around to turning up.



We're a church. In a community. Called Fitzroy North. So we decided to call ourselves "Fitzroy North Community Church" ...clever huh? 


Stumbled here accidentally? Want to know more about us? Hoping you've found the church of your dreams? (Unless you have some pretty

weird dreams, you probably haven't... but we do have a few kinda nice people and a really good wooden ceiling, if that's what you're into.)  

Our community is made up of all kinds of people, mostly from the Inner North. Together we're slowly trying to learn to live together in a way

that somehow reflects Jesus and not maim each other too seriously in the process. Faith doesn't come easily to many of us, so we try to make

space for big questions and for big doubts - while remaining open to our suspicion that Jesus and the upside-down kingdom may actually be
very good news. Despite our somewhat comical efforts, beauty and goodness continue to appear in unexpected ways, perhaps they are

glimpses of who Desmond Tutu describes as "The God of Surprises".

If you want to know more about our community without having to take the awkward step of meeting any of us, maybe start with our

Shaping Stories". If that doesn't put you off you're more than welcome to join us on a Sunday sometime. If you turn up at 10:15 for a

cup of tea you'll probably beat most of us there, but we get underway soon after.

Feel free to have a poke around our site too... be gentle though.