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    So most of the stuff that actually matters in our community gets done by people who have no title and don't get paid. Meals are cooked, loving words are spoken, prayers are offered, chairs are shuffled, dishes are washed, shoulders are cried on, wisdom is shared, offence is forgiven and kingdom life is lived out in everyday life by people who get little attention for doing so. 

    We reckon they're worth a mention.

  • Jackie Martin

    Board Member

    I’ve been at FNCC for nearly 4 years. I found FN after coming to a place in my life where I was no longer willing to be part of church communities that excluded and damaged people who either identified as LGBTIQ or were figuring that out. I fell in love with FNCC because every week something else important to me was mentioned from the platform- disability inclusion, feminism, refugees & asylum seekers. I love that you are encouraged to use your brain and diversity of opinion is encouraged. AT FN I have found a way to hold onto my faith, and integrate it into my life.

    I work as a youth and family counsellor in the community sector. Some things I enjoy include: protesting, swimming, road trips, eating cheese & being an “aunty” to my bestie’s kids.

    I hope to contribute to the board by ensuring we look after our staff & community, we grow at a sustainable pace, and that we can create a place that is inclusive in practice not just ideologically.

  • Jacqui Stanford

    Board Member

    I've been at FNCC with my husband matt and two boys, Toby and Joel, for about two years. I love being part of a community that encourages acceptance and questions, a place where we don't have to pretend we have it all together. I accepted a role on the board as I believe a board ideally represents the community and I hope to help our church remain true to its values, make wise decisions and keep being an awesome place for us to know God more. 

    During the week I am a psychologist, as well as a chauffeur for the boys. I love delicious food and trying new places so I am pretty sure we will be living in the inner north for a long time to come. 

  • STuart Elith

    Board Member

    Details I still remember a conversation I had the first week I showed up at FNCC (after listening to the podcast for a while) which was possibly the first time in my life that someone acknowledged that church could be a conflicted, anxiety-inducing place to hang around. Apparently I'm a sucker for punishment, because I did hang around, and behold, it turned out to be a pretty neat bunch of folk! The process of exploring our collective and individual faith, doubt, humanity, and (tentatively at times) opening ourselves up to bigger truths is something that continues to excite and terrify me.

    I'm big on striped clothes, compiling and digesting food, and borrowing library books that I never get around to reading. come...

  • Veronique schocroft

    Admin & Venue Management

    After the long search for a suitable replacement for Zara (may she rest in the peace of non-church-work) was not found, Shane and Rod gave up and hired me.

    With  much experience in 'Life Administration' and 'Life Enthusiasm', I look after church admin as well as being the venue manager for our church building, under the guise of 75 Reid St (they'll never know its really a church!).

    My free hours are spent swing dancing, crazy dancing, ugly shower singing, contemplating life and eating as many different and wonderful foods as I can.

  • Rod begbie


    At this point in my life, my primary role is being a father to Tilly and Kate, an overwhelming but compelling task which (as a friend of mine once said) 'pulls your heart in all directions'. The time and energy I have left over, I divide between trying to be a half decent husband to Susie, trying to be a half decent friend to the many people I love, and trying to do enough creative stuff to justify continuing to think of myself as an artist of sorts. Several lives ago, I was (what I used to describe as) 'the coordinator' of a church in Sydney called 'Plunge'. It proved to be a bit of a shooting star of a church - fleeting, but quite beautiful. I really liked that life. In fact, I've had a lot of good ones. But my current life is, without a doubt, my favourite so far. Oh yeah, and I also work for Fitzroy North Community Church.

  • Shane Meyer HOlt

    Collaborative Pastoral Leadership Team

    I'm a Kiwi living in exile ever since the great jandal debacle of 2011 (don't ask, suffice to say there was a thong mixup). I've successfully managed to live the immigrant's dream by taking one of your jobs (two in fact!) and marry one of your sheila's (just the one). Although churchy stuff can make me a little anxious I feel very lucky to serve a community that engages faith with such honesty, openness and kindness. My role involves a fair bit of reading and writing which make me pretty happy, a bit of plotting and planning, and spending plenty of time with top-shelf humans.

    To stay sane I also work a couple of days a week with coffee and wine, study when we can afford it, and along with my wife Meg have begun "Project Raise a Child Without Messing It Up Too Badly" (PRACWMIUTB). So far so good!

  • Anneke Gouws

    Church Intern, admin and Dog enthusiast

    For some reason, the people who actually work here reckon what I do is important enough to warrant a bio on the website, so here I am! I’ve been at FNCC for almost two years now, and started interning at the start of 2018. Before interning, I was struck by how much this community had come to mean to me in a very short period of time. As a queer woman, I very rarely feel truly welcome in a church setting, yet very quickly Fitzroy North felt like home to me. So in a way, I feel honoured that I get to put my unironic love for admin to good use in this community.

    I was born and raised in South Africa, then immigrated to Australia around 8 years ago. I’ve assimilated quite well though, so don’t be disappointed by my lack of accent! I’m currently studying a Bachelors of Theology at Whitley College, and work the occasional shift at a cafe, which leaves me with just enough time and mental capacity to intern one day a week at FNCC.