Co-creators – What are we trying to Create?

If you’ve been around for a few Sundays, you’ve probably gleaned that FNCC isn’t a service or a series of programs – we are a community, a body. Yup, we gather together in services, we run a few programs, but that’s not our church. We recognise that everyone who attends our gatherings probably find themselves at different stages – there are different needs, expectations, ideas, and different ways of understanding. We don’t expect everyone who turns up on a Sunday to carry our community, but we are aware that those of us who have been given the responsibility to shepherd the church aren’t the whole church either. We can’t do it all and we don’t know it all, which is why we have Co-creators.

So... Who are Co-creators?

Co-creators are people from the FNCC community who see themselves sticking around and would like to be part of the decision making that shapes the church. These decisions usually involve dialogue at our co-creators meetings and camps, in conversation with our Governance Board and with our Collaborative Pastoral Leadership Team. Our hope is that Co-creators brings members of our church into a space where we can learn together what a healthy, mature and sustainable church community looks like. It’s also a wonderful way to see who else calls this place home!

How do I become a Co-creator? (Or at least learn more?)

If you’re interested to know more about Co-creators before jumping aboard, shoot us an email at  If you’re ready to go steady you can complete our handy dandy online registration form.