For those wishing to give online... Here are our NEW bank account details after switching to a more ethical Bank. 

Account Name: Fitzroy North Community Church

BSB: 313 140

Acc: 1212 9946

Bank Australia

Or, give with this form:

Our approach to monetary giving:

So, we thought we’d explain how giving works at FNCC…

Functioning in the way we do as a community - you know with lights, wages, mortgages, Peckish crackers and whatnot - costs money. Not billions - we’re a pretty lean operation - but definitely something. We’re grateful for an amazing bunch of people who all contribute a bit to make things happen. Our hope is that we all treat this place like grown ups, staying in touch with what the needs are, and working out what part we might play in it. If you consider yourself a part of this community and want to give towards it, details are below. For budgeting reasons it makes it way easier if you schedule something regularly by electronic payment but we totally get if it that doesn’t work for your circumstances. (P.s. our accounts are available in full each year upon request, and our Pastoral staff never have access to giving records as it's none of our business who is able to give what.)

But as much as our church needs money to keep functioning, we are well aware of the immense needs in the world around us. Once upon a time, churches acted as a conduit for people’s giving. People gave large amounts to the church, who would then redistribute that as they saw fit. For a bunch of reasons we don’t do this. Firstly, it doesn’t make economic sense as the money gets taxed when you give it to us, and then again when we give it away - so the people who need it get less. Secondly, we acknowledge that in a fairly transient community like ours, many people have committed to supporting things before they joined us/it, so we don’t want or expect people to stop those partnerships for our sake.

That being said, getting together to give to something as a community is great, so we thought we’d put links up here to organisations we have partnered with in the past in case you wanted to get on board. If you want to join us in contributing to these organisations, go for gold, just go to the respective donate pages! You can read more about their work on the links provided.


Tear Australia

The Grasstree Gathering

Indigenous Hospitality House