a bit of history

Our church was founded in 1873, and in that time has tried to contribute to our local community. The church began with a small group of Christians who gathered to live out the message of Jesus and practically serve the people of Fitzroy North. Within a short space of time, the church grew rapidly and became a thriving congregation.

Our current building was initially the church's Sunday School and Youth Hall that was built by a working class congregation as a gift to serve the community. It housed a range of spiritual, social and sporting programs and activities for the hundreds of children and young people who flocked to the centre each week. As custodians of this building, the practice of opening the space to our neighbourhood is a legacy that we feel a great responsibility to continue. 

Times change and so did the church. The focus shifted in the 1970s toward the needs of the poor and marginalized who lived in nearby social housing. The church became an important provider of accommodation, meals, employment training and welfare assistance. Since then the community has undergone a number of changes and renditions, but has tried to remain faithful to the intentions of those who founded it. The reoccurring themes of the church have been practical spirituality, engagement with culture and a presence in the neighbourhood.