It can be hard to come to grips with what our church is about. Perhaps the best way to understand us is simply to hang around and listen to the stories of those who have been at fitzroy north community church for a while. However, to help things along we’ve created this document to help try and make sense of who we are as a community and why we’re about the things we’re about. We’re a church and we share what is common to the majority of christian communities, christ at the centre, a commitment to remembering together who we are as followers of jesus, community, communal worship and formational practices. 

But by nature every community is shaped by its context and therefore unique. Traditionally, churches have vision and mission statements. We have opted to recognise particular stories and themes that have captured our imagination and influence our culture and practices. Although these are often hard to describe briefly we’ve given it a go. 

There are fancy theological terms behind a lot of these ideas but we’ve tried to use everyday language where possible. They do not attempt to outline everything we think or practice, just some of the shaping stories and ideas that have made us who we are. They aren’t set in stone, and will continue to change and grow as we do. If any of them need further explaining just ask us sometime... 

Read our shaping stories here.