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Many people in our community are personally involved in a range of social justice initiatives and organisations.  

We are committed to helping cultivate a culture at FNCC that values and expresses God’s heart for justice and mission through:

• Education (nurturing a community that is biblically and theologically well informed)

• Promotion & Awareness

• Partnerships (working alongside agencies and organistions engaged in justice)

• Participation (encouraging and creating hands-on opportunities for

involvement in justice and mission)

• Support (directing our resources appropriately)

Currently our social justice focus is centered on the following:

• Local :: working with Sudanese young people and their families living in social housing at the nearby Fitzroy flats

• Nationally :: indigenous leadership development

• Internationally :: we partner with TEAR

Documents and links:

First People's Statement

Prayers for Justice

More Prayers for Social Justice


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Statement on Refugees and Asylum Seekers