sunday story club

Sunday Story Club is a monthly, local initiative that believes in the value of narrative be that through song, poetry, photography, painting, or even just a damn good old fashioned yarn. Each month we select a theme and invite regular, every day, ordinary folks to share there regular, every day, extraordinary stories.

How it works:

Stories should be a maximum of 5 minutes long. Nobody likes being cut off before the climax so make sure you...

- Time your material beforehand

- Avoid waffling (unless you're bringing actual waffles to share.)

- Remember to set the scene, cut to the chase, and end with a bang!

Practice telling your story before you come. Tell it to your mirror, your cat, your housemates, the guy on the tram (and make sure you invite him along).

Cue cards, or fully written-out stories are welcome! Bring what props you need to be comfortable. 

Keep in mind we’re a general audience; if you’re unsure whether your content is appropriate, we'd be happy to go through it with you. 

This is a story club, not a gossip club. We are here to celebrate the narrative of every day life so no "dirty laundry," please :) 

Sunday Story Club is a free event, open to participants ("story tellers,") and spectators ("listeners,") but a donation towards delicious supper treats would be appreciated :)

So... get your thinking cap on and come along!