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  • Recommended reading list

    We're going to make a list of books that we have referred to in our series. When we get around to it. Hopefully before 2029. If you are stuck for a good book though, feel free to email us, we've got stacks! (Literally and metaphorically.) Alternatively just zoom up really close on the picture to the left and I'm sure you'll find something interesting.


    Richard Beck is a psychologist who dabbles in Theology. Be warned... if you look at this you may find yourself 6 hours later with 37 tabs open. Also, his book Unclean is really good. - The blog of Richard Beck


    Rachel Held-Evans keeps asking questions, really helpful ones. Sometimes she even tries to answer them, also helpful.


    Scott Higgins lives in Newcastle, NSW and works as Director of Community Engagement for Baptist World Aid Australia. In his blog Scott reflects critically upon faith and life. We've found it pretty helpful.

  • Reflections of a mugwump

    Nicole Conner is a Melbourne based blogger with concern for justice, human rights and love for the other. A little irreverent, a lot interesting, and very wise.